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Home Conference Agenda Fifth Shanghai International Livestock and Poultry Waste Recycling Technology Processing Forum

Fifth Shanghai International Livestock and Poultry Waste Recycling Technology Processing Forum


Date: 13 August

Venue:Room N5-M50



Time Topic Speaker
9:20-10:20 Application and Interpretation of China's Waste Treatment Policy Ma Ji, Ph.D. in Management, College of Economics and Management in China Agricultural University, Professor and Doctoral Advisor, Economic Research Center of China Farmers, Director
10:20-11:00 How to Realize the Harmless Treatment of Livestock and Poultry Manure in Medium and Large Farms -- Comparison of Technological Application in Livestock and Poultry Waste Treatment Methods with High Added Value and Intelligent Treatment Scheme Liu Mengjun, Organic Fertilizer Department of Henan Longchang Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd., General Manager
11:00-11:30 Relationship Between Environmental Control of Poultry House and Fecal Water Content Li Xubing, Ruiji Animal Agriculture Technology Co., Ltd., Technical Director
11:30-12:10 Forum on Farm Environmental Protection Implementation for Solving Problems Ma Ji, Liu Mengjun, Li Xubing, and Gao Haijun
13:30-14:30 Design and Application of Animal Agriculture Engineering System in China -- Key Waste Treatment Facilities Li Baoming, China Agricultural University, Professor, Key Laboratory Subject Group of Facility Agricultural Engineering of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Director, Animal Agriculture Engineering Branch of China Animal Agriculture Association, Chairman
14:30-15:10 Turning Waste into Wealth-Development Trend of Chicken Manure Air-drying Treatment Equipment Yan Fei, Henan Winworld Livestock Equipment Co., Ltd., General Manager
15:10-15:50 Staged Summary and Reflection of Organic Waste Treatment by Tank Aerobic Fermentation in Farming Enterprises Wang Xinyu, Hebi Bolong Livestock Husbandry Machinery Co., Ltd., Vice General Manager
15:50-16:20 Low cost resource utilization of livestock and poultry waste - Sharing of application cases of nanometer film odorless composting technology Ma Ruiqiang,Zhongnong Chuangda (Beijing) Environmental Protection Technology Co., LTD,General Manager
16:20-16:50 Helping the Farming Industry to Tackle Environmental Problems-Comprehensive Solution for Livestock and Poultry Manure Cai Yongping, Beijing Zhongke Bolian Technology Group Co., Ltd., Vice General Manager
16:50-17:30 How Does the Farms Choose Manure Treatment Equipment Li Baoming, Wang Xinyu, Zhang Weizhen, Cai Yongping,Ma Ruiqiang,and Gao Wanguo