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Home Conference Agenda 2020 China Environmental Noise Management Technology Forum

2020 China Environmental Noise Management Technology Forum


Date: 13 August

Venue:Room E4-M27



Time Topic Speaker
Moderator: Zhou Yude, Director, Shanghai Engineering Research Center of Urban Environmental Noise Control
9:30-9:35 Opening Speech Yang Jiansheng,Secretary General,Shanghai Association of Environmental Protection Industry
9:35-9:40 Opening Speech Lv Yadong, Director,The Acoustical Society of China 
9:40-9:45 Opening Speech Zhou Jun,Director,Department of Atmospheric Environment and Climate Change, Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Ecology and Environment
9:45-9:55 Shanghai Association of Environmental Protection Industry Opening Ceremony of the Professional Committee of Physical Pollution Prevention and Control and Group photo of guests Guests and Leaders
10:00-10:30 Revision of《Noise Law》 and Analysis of the Policy Dong Wenfu,Second Level Researcher,Department of Atmosphere, Ministry of Ecology and Environment
10:30-11:00 Development and Upgrade of Environmental Noise Standards Lv Yadong,Vice Director, The Acoustical Society of China
11:00-11:30 Urban Noise Map Application in Environmental Management Xia Dan,Senior Engineer,Shanghai Academy of Environmental Sciences
Moderator: Zhu Wenying,Vice Institute Director,Shanghai Academy of Environmental Sciences
13:00-13:30 Aviation Noise Planning and Control Policy Zhang Hong ,Director, Civil Aviation Administration of China ,
13:30-14:00 Discussion on Noise Control of Community Noise under the New Situation Zhang Weichen,Senior engineer,Shanghai Academy of Environmental Sciences
14:30-15:00 Revision of Guidelines for Technical Assessment of Acoustic Environment Wu Xiangyang,Associate Researcher,China Academy of Railway Sciences Corporation Limited
15:00-15:30 Industrial Noise Reduction Practices Throughout the Life Cycle  Wang Sheng, Director, Beichen(Shanghai) Environmental Technology CO.,LTD
15:30-16:00 Updating Updating