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Home Conference Agenda Symposium on Emerging Pollutants Control and Environmental Health

Symposium on Emerging Pollutants Control and Environmental Health


Date:19th April

Venue:SNIEC Room E2-M19

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Time Topic Speaker
Opening Speech Speeches by leaders
Keynote Report Discussion on Prevention and Control Technologies of Environmental Health Risks from New Pollutants
Research on Environmental Health Impact of Typical New Pollutants
Reflection on the Treatment, Management, and Control of New Pollutants— A Case Study of the Yangtze River Basin
Exploration and Practice in Assisting the Formulation of National Drinking Water Standards through the Risk Monitoring of New Pollutants
Discussion on Technological Difficulties of Monitoring Water Quality in the Presence of Emerging Pollutants
Expert Report Interpretation of the Shanghai Action Plan for New Pollutants Treatment
Interpretation of the National Work Plan for Environmental Monitoring Pilots of New Pollutants in 2024 and Future Work Prospects
Research on Intelligent Computing and Prediction for New Pollutants Treatment
Disease Burden from Environmental Exposure and Its Evolution
Research on Green and Low-carbon Removal of PFAS New Pollutants
Research on the Traceability and Identification System of New Environmental Pollutants and Comprehensive Strategies for Human Hazard Assessment
New Pollutants Treatment in Yangtze River Delta Urban Agglomeration: Situation, Progress, and Outlook
Research on Environmental Risk Assessment and Zoning Control of Perfluorinated Compounds in Groundwater of Typical Industrial Parks
Challenges Confronting the Water Supply Industry in the Context of New Pollutants Treatment
Invited Report Advancements in Screening and Research of New Environmental Pollutants