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Home Conference Agenda 2024 Strategic Cooperation Forum on Comprehensive Utilization of Industrial Solid Waste and Building Waste

2024 Strategic Cooperation Forum on Comprehensive Utilization of Industrial Solid Waste and Building Waste


Date:19th April

Venue:SNIEC Room W2-A38


Attendee Registration
Time Topic Speaker
09:30-09:40 Opening ceremony: Kicking off the conference
Wei Lijun, Founder and Chief Designer of of Industrial Analysis Center of Industrial Solid Waste Comprehensive Utilization Industry Alliance
09:40-10:00 Ultra-fine (Super) Fly Ash and Geopolymer Cement Speaker: Zhai Guanjie
Director/Professor of Fly Ash Institute of Dezhou University
Chief Expert of Geopolymer and Green Building Materials Working Committee and Executive Vice President of Fly Ash Special Committee of China Bulk-cement Association of Popularization & Development
Visiting Professor at Pennsylvania State University, the United States
10:00-10:30 Theme 1: Development and Application of New Technologies for Comprehensive Utilization of Industrial By-product Gypsum Resources
Theme 2:New Technologies and Equipment Integration for Comprehensive Utilization of High Magnesium- and Boron-Containing Tailing Resources
Speaker: Shi Peiyang
Associate Professor at the School of Metallurgy of Northeastern University
10:30-10:50 Utilizing Waste Scientifically, Creating Green Products, and Building a Low-carbon Society Together Speaker: Chen Lin
Chief Engineer of Zhejiang FENGDENG Environment Co., Ltd.
10:50-11:10 Analysis of the Development Status of China's Industrial Solid Waste Comprehensive Utilization Industry and How to Upgrade and Develop the Industrial System Under the Carbon Peaking and Carbon Neutrality Goals Speaker: Wei Lijun, Founder and Chief Designer of
Director of Industrial Analysis Center of Industrial Solid Waste Comprehensive Utilization Industry Alliance
11:10-11:30 High Yield Filter Press Technology for Sludge Dewatering and Its Application Speaker: Pang Zhongda
General Manager of Foshan JINKAIDI Filtration Equipment Co., Ltd
11:30-11:50 Research on the Application of Solid Waste-based Cementitious Materials—
Introduction to Invention Patent of Environment-friendly and Energy-saving Cementitious Materials Manufactured from Total Solid Waste without Adding Cement, Autoclaving or Sintering
Speaker: Du Shiyong
Specially Invited Expert of Expert Database of Industrial Solid Waste Comprehensive Utilization Industry Alliance
Inventor of multiple national patents
11:50-12:10 Collaborative Governance with Multiple Parties is Essential to Achieve the Reduction, Utilization, and Harmlessness of Construction Waste Speaker: Zhou Haibo
Secretary-General of Nanjing Construction Waste Resource Utilization Association
Senior Engineer in Environmental Protection and Solid Waste Disposal
Member of Construction Waste Special Committee Jiangsu Provincial Association of Urban Management and Administrative Enforcement
Expert for Zero-waste City Construction Project of the Department of Ecology and Environment of Jiangsu Province
12:10-13:30 Lunch
13:30-13:50 Exploration of an Optimized Model for Recycling Construction Waste as Raw Materials in the Context of Carbon Peaking and Carbon Neutrality Background Speaker: Cui Dengguo
General Manager Assistant of CNBM Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd.
General Manager of the New Material Cement Division of the Institute
13:50-14:10 Expanded Lightweight Aggregate Self-insulating Wall Material: Recycling Bulk Solid Waste as Raw Materials Speaker: Zhao Guoqiang
Director of Heilongjiang Sanjiang Junhe New Material Technology Development Co., Ltd.
14:10-14:30 Mass Production and Standardization Progress of Geopolymer Cement and Geopolymer Concrete with Red Mud, Fly Ash, Iron Ore Powder, and Other Industrial Solid Wastes as Raw Materials in China and the United States Speaker: Shen Lin
Tenured Professor at the Civil, Environmental, and Construction Engineering Department of the University of Hawaii System
Founder of Akate Gray Concrete Technology Co., Ltd., the United States
14:30-14:50 New Directions in Resource Conservation and Efficient Utilization for Investment/Environment and Resources Projects within the Central Budget Speaker: Li Yuan
General Manager of Zhengjingshier (Beijing) Consulting Co., Ltd.
14:50-15:10 Wastewater Treatment Plant Domestic Sludge Minimization Solution Speaker: Shang Hongkun
General Manager of Shijiazhuang Yonghang Environmental Protection Engineering Co.
15:10-15:30 Investment in Tailings Utilization Project in Tongguan County, Weinan City, Shaanxi Province Speaker: To be determined
15:30-15:50 New Material in Green Industry — Application Technology Development of Solid Waste-based Active Silica Fume (Silicon Fertilizer) Mineral Soil Conditioner Speaker: Tu Qingmo Solid Waste Application Expert of China Academy of Management Science Senior Engineer of Shanghai Shanying Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.
Core Expert of the Administration of Guizhou Provincial Government
15:50-16:20 Launch of a catalog of preferred technologies, equipment, products and requirements for the comprehensive utilization of multiple solid wastes Released by: Li Mei - Industrial Solid Waste Comprehensive Utilization Industry Alliance
Release of Strategic Cooperation Technologies and Demand Catalog - Service Center