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Home Conference Agenda 2021 Member Sharing Session for Innovation Technology Application Case of Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences (CSES)

2021 Member Sharing Session for Innovation Technology Application Case of Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences (CSES)


Date:20th April



Time Topic Speaker
10:00-10:05 Speech Peng Bin,Deputy Secretary General,Chinese Society For Environmental Sciences

Keynote Speech

The Offshore Investment Environment and Risk Management

Peng Bin,Deputy Secretary General,Chinese Society For Environmental Sciences
Topic 1:case sharing of organic solid waste resource disposal and utilization
10:20-10:35 Green Island of Kitchen Waste —— Distributed On-site Treatment and Productization System of Kitchen Waste Lin Bin, Chairman of GRASSLAND
10:35-10:50 Introduction and Application Practice of Organic Membrane Composting Technology for Solid Waste in Urban and Rural Areas Ma Ruiqiang, Zhongnong Chuangda (Beijing) Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., General Manager
10:50-11:05 Distributed and Integrated Kitchen Waste Solution He Yangfan, Deputy General Manager of CPCEP
11:05-11:20 Technical Exchange of Intelligent Incineration of Domestic Garbage Li Ming, R&D Manager of Nanjing Xinye Technology Co., Ltd.
11:20-11:35 Introduction of RTO Process of Three-chamber Regenerative Incinerator, rotary RRTO Process and RTO Process with Single Cylinder and Multiple Valves Li Yonggui, Chief Engineer of Yangzhou Bolin Environmental Protection Machinery Co., Ltd.
11:35-11:50 Intelligent Upgrading Technology and Application of Reclamation and Utilization of Organic Solid Waste Cao Man, Qingdao Tianren Environment Co., Ltd., Manager
11:50-12:10 Expert Reviews  
Topic 2:Environmental Monitoring Technology and Application Case Sharing of Big Data Smart Platform
13:30-13:45 Intelligent and Integrated Application and Exploration of Surface Water Automatic Monitoring System Wang Lu, Product Manager of Beijing Wanweiyingchuang Technology Development Co., Ltd.
13:45-14:00 Application of Hyperspectral Water Quality Monitoring Technology for UAV Hong Wei, PhD and Dean of Guangdong Shunde Institute of Environmental Sciences Co., Ltd.
14:00-14:15 Application of On-line Monitoring of Dust around Roads Shen Minhui, Adil Electric Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Director of CASELLA Business
14:15-14:30 Use Intelligent Devices to Empower the Whole People to Protect the Environment and Establish a Long-term Governance Mechanism for the Ecological Environment Fan Sufang, Technical Director of Jiangsu Sanxi Technology Co., Ltd.
Topic 3:Application Case Sharing of Ecological Restoration and Comprehensive Utilization of Sludge Disposal Resources
14:50-15:05 Introduction and Case Study of Underwater Ecological Restoration Technology Guided by Daphniamagna Xu Bingbing,Design Institute of Shanghai Taihe Water Environmental Technology Development Co.,Ltd.Dean
15:05-15:20 New Technology for Controlling Cyanobacteria in Israel Wang Pu, General Manager of BlueGreen Water Technologies
15:20-15:35 Practice of Inorganic Ammonia Nitrogen Wastewater Treatment-Watershed Rare Earth Tail Water Treatment Project Ren Guoqing, General Manager of Eco-Advance
15:35-15:50 Technology and Cases of Polymer Adsorption in the Field of Waste Water, Waste Gas and Acid Gong Xiangdong,Jiangsu Helper Function Materials Co.,Ltd.,Director of R&D
15:50-16:05 Efficient and Safe Water-based Electrostatic Spraying Assist Green Coating Shen Yuexiao,GRACO,Product Manager
16:05-16:20 Application Case Analysis of Two New Types of Green Remediation Agents (SP and NCS) for Soil and Groundwater Huang Shijie,Standard Testing,Consultant Expert
 16:20-16:35 Weiyushan -HM Compound Biological Ecological Restoration and WHm Unpowered Deodorization System   Sun Huifeng,Qingdao Weiyushan Environmental Product Tethnology Co.,Ltd.,General Manager
 16:35-17:10  Expert Reviews