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Home Conference Agenda 9th Industrial Water Treatment Engineers Conference 2021

9th Industrial Water Treatment Engineers Conference 2021


Date:20th April



Time Topic Speaker
Part I: industrial wastewater recycling technology and process route selection

10:00-10:05 Introduction of Participants Wang Yanglu,General Manager,
10:05-10:35 Research and Application of Industrial Wastewater Reuse Chen Ping, Senior Engineer, Chen Ping Laboratory
10:35-11:05 Resource Reclamation Technology of Fenton's Iron Cement in the Advanced Treatment of Industrial Wastewater Ma Luming, National Engineering Research Center for Urban Pollution Control, Executive Deputy Director and Professor
11:05-11:35 Integrated Treatment Technology for High Salinity and High COD Concentration Wastewater from Fluorine Chemical Industry Li Sen, Shanghai Research Institute of Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., Senior Engineer
11:35-12:05 Technical Solution for COD Removal by Na₂SO₄ through Nanofiltration Membrane Zhang Qi, ZheJiang MEY Membrane Technology
12:05-13:00 Lunch  
Part II: Analysis of typical industries cases of industrial wastewater recycling
13:30-13:55 Non-ferrous Metal Wastewater Reclamation and Nano-Adsorption Advanced Treatment Technology Yang Xiaosong, Beijing General Research Institute of Mining &Metallurgy, Researcher
13:55-14:20 Pretreatment and Recycling Technology of High Concentration Mother Liquor in Chemical Synthesis Xing Jiafeng, Deputy General Manager of Environmental Protection Division, Tianjushi Engineering Technology Group Co., Ltd.
14:20-14:45 Selection and Feasibility Analysis of Centralized Sewage Treatment Process in Small and Medium-sized Chemical Parks Cui Shiyu, Marketing Manager of Boruide Environment Group Co., Ltd.
14:45-15:10 Adopt High-quality and Well-known Deceleration Motor Solution Hou Jia, product manager of Paul deceleration motor in Germany
15:10-15:35 Case Analysis of Integrated Wastewater Reclamation Project in Refinery and Petrochemical Enterprises Zhu Anmin, CenerTech Tianjin Chemical Research and Design Institute Co., Ltd., Senior Engineer
15:35-16:00 New Technology of High Concentration Organic Chemical Wastewater Treatment and Resource Utilization Zhang Weiming, State Environmental Protection Engineering Center for Organic Chemical Industrial Waste Water Disposal and Resources Reuse, Director