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Date:21 September

Venue:Conference Room 5 (Area B)

Time Topic Speaker
09:00-09:30 Sign-in
09:30-09:55 New Models and Technologies for Water Pollution Control in Paper Industry under the Background of High-Quality Development Wan Jinquan, Professor, South China University of Technology
09:55-10:20 Application of Magnetic Fenton in Advanced Treatment of Papermaking Sewage with Ultra-low Operating Cost Ao Chunping, Deputy General Manager, SIIC Environment Lianxi Water (Fengxin) Co., Ltd.
10:20-10:45 AI Empowers Papermaking Sewage Treatment to Reduce Cost and Increase Efficiency — Precision Dosing Technology Based on AIOT Technology and Case Sharing Wang Chao, Co-founder, Xiaokun Innovation Technology (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.
10:45-11:10 Digital Water Use to Promote the Sustainable Development of Enterprises Liang Xinqiang, Vinda (China) Co., Ltd. 
Deputy Director, Household Paper Technology Department, Technical Center
11:10-11:35 Water Balance Test of Papermaking Enterprises and Declaration of Water-Saving Enterprises Xu Jianguo, Senior Engineer, Foshan Jingke Cleaner Production Promotion Center
11:35-12:00 Energy Solutions for Papermaking Waste Zhang Ning, Deputy General Manager of Marketing, Beijing Balance Combustion Technology Co., Ltd. 
Project Manager, Solid and Hazardous Waste Disposal Technology Innovation Center, Research Institute of Tsinghua, Pearl River Delta 
12:00-12:25 Analysis on Development Situation of Paper Industry in Guangdong Province Chen Zhu, Executive Vice President, Guangdong Paper Association
12:25-12:30 Group Photo