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Date:21 September

Venue:Conference Room 2 (Area B)

Time Topic Speaker
14:00-14:30 Research on Pollution Monitoring Technology Based on Water Quality Parameters-Multispectral Matching and Traceability He Kai, Associate Professor, Sun Yat-sen University
14:30-15:00 Study on Water Environment Monitoring Method Based on Spectral Characteristics Hu Maochuan, Associate Professor, Sun Yat-sen University
15:00-15:30 Develop Carbon Measurement Technology to Promote the Improvement of Carbon Data Quality Lu Weiye, Assistant to the President, Green Carbon Peaking and Carbon Neutrality Research Institute of Guangdong Testing Institution Group of Inspection & Certification Co., Ltd.
15:30-15:50 Research and Application of Intelligent Monitoring Technology for Atmospheric Ozone Precursors Ge Yanhong, General Manager, Scientific Instruments and Products Company of Infore Environmental Technology Group Co., Ltd.
15:50-16:10 Application of Intelligent Monitoring Network in Digital Ecology Wei Linhui, Director, Bescient Technologies Co., Ltd.
16:10-16:30 Intelligent Supervision Solution for Water Ecological Environment Facing the Overall Management of "Three Waters" Ma Junjie, President, Research Institute of Guangdong Kedilong Technology Co., Ltd.