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Date:21 September

Venue:Conference Room 1 (Area B)

Time Topic Speaker
09:30-09:55 Research on Skeleton Reinforcement and Characteristics of Aerobic Granular Sludge at Low Superficial Gas Velocity He Junguo, Professor and Doctoral Supervisor, Guangzhou University
09:55-10:20 Research and Practice of Smart Water Affairs Kuang Ke, Deputy Chief Engineer, Guangzhou Sewage Purification Co., Ltd.
10:20-10:45 Advances in Research and Application of Phosphorus Removal Technology for Urban Domestic Wastewater Li Mingyu, Professor and Doctoral Supervisor, Jinan University
10:45-11:05 System Solution for Cost and Carbon Reduction Technology of Municipal Sewage Treatment Plants Lu Shubin, Doctor, Shenzhen Changlong Technology Co., Ltd.
11:05-11:25 Key Technologies for Continuous Energy Saving and Consumption Reduction in Sewage Treatment Long Jiao, Deputy Sales Director, Raetts Intelligent Equipment (Guangdong) Co., Ltd. in South China
11:25-11:40 Thoughts on Improving Sewage Treatment Quality and Efficiency in High-density Built-up Area Wang Rui, Deputy Chief Engineer, Ecological and Environmental Engineering Institute of PowerChina Huadong Engineering Corporation Limited
11:40-11:55 Research and Application of Low-carbon Technology in Water Enterprises Wang Zhangqing, Product Director, Beijing KingTrol Data Technology Co., Ltd.