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Date:21 September

Venue:Meeting Room A Hall 10.2(Area B)

Time Topic Speaker
09:30-10:00 Sharing of Guangzhou's Experience in Sludge Treatment and Disposal Qiu Wei, Chief Engineer, Guangzhou Municipal Engineering Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd.
10:00-10:30 Sharing of Cases on Municipal Sludge Coprocessing and Resource Utilization Technology and Engineering Yuan Xiaokai, Director, Guangdong Architectural Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd.
10:30-10:50 Research on Free Nitrous Acid (FNA)-based Recycling Technology of Sewage Sludge Zhang Liguo, Professor, South China Normal University
10:50-11:20 Innovative Practice of Harmless Treatment and Recycling of Sludge that is Green, Low-Carbon, and Circular Lu Yufei, a Doctor, the Vice President, Director of the Research and Development Center of Shanghai CEO Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.
11:20-13:30 Lunch Break
13:30-14:00 Sludge Treatment and Disposal Methods in Guangzhou Urban Areas Li Biqing, Chief Engineer and Senior Engineer, Guangzhou Sewage Purification Co., Ltd.
14:00-14:30 Practices and Reflections on Municipal Sludge Drying and Incineration Projects Lu Junying, Assistant Chief Engineer, the Third Design Institute of Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design Institute (Group) Co., Ltd.
14:30-15:00 Research on Mechanism on Enhancement of Anaerobic Fermentation Acids Producing by Excess Sludge by Magnetic Immobilized Lysozyme He Junguo, Professor, Guangzhou University
15:00-15:30 Technical Route for Deep Dehydration of Brewing Wastewater Sludge Zhang Qiang, Director, Water Supply and Drainage Department, Sichuan Branch of Central and Southern China Municipal Engineering Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd.
15:30-16:00 Fuzhou's Experience in Water Supply Sludge Treatment and Disposal Scheme and Operation Optimization Gong Longcong, Director of Technology Center, Fuzhou Water Co., Ltd.