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Home Conference Agenda “HEMA”Cup Technical Forum on Reduction and Recycling of Hyperhaline and Refractory Industrial Wastewater 2021

“HEMA”Cup Technical Forum on Reduction and Recycling of Hyperhaline and Refractory Industrial Wastewater 2021


Date:July 9

Venue: Suining and Ziyang Room,Hall 9


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Time Topic Speaker
Host: Wan Tingting, Ewater Environmental, Operation Director
10:00-10:05 Greeting Li Wei, CPPCC Chengdu Municipal Committee, Member; Standing Committee of Chengdu Association for Science & Technology, Member; Chengdu Society for Environmental Sciences, Vice President and Secretary-General
10:05-10:10 Greeting Cui Lin, Hema Environmental Protection (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. General Manager 
10:10-10:40 R&D and Application of Bioenhancement Treatment for Refractory Industrial Wastewater Tan Zhouliang, Environmental Governance and Food Safety Sector of Chengdu Institute of Biology, CAS Director
10:40-11:05 Activate the environmental production industry ecosystem to adhere to and adhere value innovation Chen Zhi'an, International Environment Protection Zone, Yixing, China, General Manager

Application of High-Efficiency Ampure EDI in Industrial Wastewater Reduction and Recycling

Gao Weihua, Hema Environmental Protection (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., Chief Engineer
11:30-11:55 Application of Molded Carbon Electrode in Electrochemical Sewage Treatment Lu Xiuying, Datong Shaoxing Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd, Project Technical Manager
12:00-14:00 Noon break  
Effective Application of Combination of Genetically Excellent Organisms and Physical-Chemical Technology in Toxic,Hazardous and Refractory Wastewater Treatment 
Xiang Yong, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, University of Hong Kong, Distinguished Overseas Professor
14:25-14:50 New Application of Electrochemistry in Toxic, Hazardous and Refractory Wastewater Treatment  Zhang Xue, Beijing Shihong Shunda Technology Development Co., Ltd., Chief Technical Engineer
14:50-15:15 Resource Recycling Sewage Plant-Standard Modular Assembly Integrated Sewage Treatment System Pan Hailong,General Manager of Jiangsu Taiyuan Environmental Science and Technology Co.,Ltd., General Manager 
15:15-15:40 Application of electric execution system in the reduction and recycling of industrial water treatment Fu Tao,Tianjin Sheng Kai Da Value Co.,Ltd.,Chief Technology Officer
15:40-16:00 On-Site Interaction Wang Han, Ewater Environmental, General Manager